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About Me

Andrew Talbot (Tali) has been travelling the globe and documenting his adventures through, poetry, film, music and art ever since his first world trip with his family at the age of 13. Thanks to his parent's dream, the backpack never came off, and the seeds of a drifter were sown. Reaching a difficult crossroads two decades later, Tali felt burnt out and stuck between life paths. It took walking the dark night of the soul, to light a new trail forward. Through letting go, simplifying, and slowing down, the greatest gift in the Universe was revealed, TIME. Time to heal, time to create, and time to build a new life from the wheels up.

Using his creativity and nomadic lifestyle as a vessel for connection, Tali hopes to continue navigating a broader landscape of interactions, experiences and explorations into 2020. With a recently purchased 2003 Ford/Bluebird School awaiting renos, he hopes to complete the new project by August 2020 and spend the next few years exploring North America.


About Bodhi 1.0


  • 1990 Chevy Van 30 Thomas School Bus Chassis

  • 145,000km's

  • 5.7 Liter Gasoline Engine

  • 3 gear automatic transmission

  • 17 ft. long



  • Red Cedar Deck with Storage Lock Box and 120L PVC Solar Shower

  • 12 Volt Pump, 20L Water Jug, Wood Sink and Stainless Steel Tap

  • Two 35 Amp Hour Chafon Lithium Batteries and Two Way Dometic Fridge

  • 17 LED 12 Volt Wired Pot Lights

  • 100 Watt Solar Panel


  • The entire conversion took roughly 5 months and 1,200 hrs

  • The vehicle cost $2,600 CA and reno/mechanical work totaled $8,400 CA

  • 90% of materials were recycled/upcycled or salvaged for free

  • Did 99% of the work alone which added time but allowed for a deeper meditative connection with the creative process :)


About Bodhi 2.0


  • 2003 Ford E450 Van Blue Bird School Bus Chassis

  • 345,000 km's

  • 7.3 L International Powerstroke Diesel Engine

  • 22 ft long


I purchased Bodhi 2.0 last summer in Vernon B.C. partway through the Spring Tree Plant from a local bus rental company. I hadn't done enough research before buying the previous bus and the three gear transmission's poor mileage was killing the freedom vibes, so it was time for an upgrade. I'd been working hard for 2 months and had just enough money in my account to pay for it and the insurance. I spent the whole rest of the Summer breaking in the new bus on a 6,000km road trip around southern British Columbia. While it lacks the retro character and is crazy loud, the Ford is a breeze to drive, with hydraulic breaks and loads of power up the hills. I'm also getting almost triple the mileage compared to the Chevy!


  • Full storage under the top deck, extendable awning off side and rear

  • Added wood stove and diesel heater

  • Hot water on demand shower/sink with larger water tank

  • Change bed to adjustable slated pull out design

  • A second pull out queen behind driver

  • Hard wood floors secured, not floating

  • Larger solar system and 3 way fridge

  • Outdoor hinged table

  • Propane oven and stove

  • Added flip down passenger seat next to entry

  • Custom wood dutch front door design

  • Exterior wood paneling

  • Veggie Oil hybrid fuel system

The new conversion will have the same layout with plans to focus more on the fine wood working/finishing and making it a fully self sufficient Winterized home. I loved the open concept for hosting amigos, and with the extra 7ft of space I will actually be able to use it as a full art studio. Also want to convert to veggie oil later down the road.












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