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"Stories told by firelight, sprinkled with stars on the darkest of nights, driftwood descriptions of life's precious ways, tinder smoke lingers in a moonlit haze."

Dream Fish

Fishing for truth in a gambling sea, caught a dream fish on my line and it set me free. Sprinkled it with stars and tears from my eyes, seasoned it with love of the deepest kind. Laid it to rest in the campfire smoke, next to restless seas where big waves broke. With a meat made of medicine it showed me the way, through the firelight next to Sitkas that swayed.


I left the earth that day..

Artist Bio

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Campfire medicine music born from the embers of a lifetime of West Coast living. Inspired by years of surf trips, beach jams, and mindful wandering along the dusty trail. Since the age of 21 Tali's been crafting a unique style of acoustic folk that blends nylon strings, with subtle harp and uplifting poetic songwriting. He plays a custom built 2.5" deep Sergio Zepeda guitar, handmade in Nicaragua with local jungle hardwood.


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