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One of my favourite actions each Winter season is choosing a local environmental charity to donate 10% of my artisan fair profits to. Through the generous support of Vancouver Island holiday shoppers, I've funded coastal projects in the Comox Valley, Tofino and the Great Bear Rainforest. The local NGO's include, Raincoast Foundation, Pacific Wild, Cumberland Community Forest, Friends of Clayoquot Sound and Project Watershed. These groups are true West Coast warriors, protecting B.C.'s fragile ecosystems through scientific research, park creation and environmental rehabilitation. The Industrial pollution and unsustainbable practices imposed by corporate fish farms, mines, pipelines, and forestry are direct threats to our homes, well being and basic human rights and it's only by joining together that we can bring about positive change.



When creative minds dream up unique and alternative ways to help protect the earth magic happens. Really honored to have been a part of the first two Pacific Board Art shows in 2019. A project that's founded on Cascadian Visual Art, upcycling and environmental action. Looking forward to seeing what shows and creations manifest in 2020, feel like I was born ready for these events :)



So stoked to recently partner up with 1% For the Planet and give back on a broader environmental level. Along with the NGO's listed above I also support The Surfrider Foundation, Protect Our WInters (POW), West Kootenay Eco Society, Valhalla Wilderness Society, and Western Forest Alliance. 1% for the Planet is a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through annual memberships and everyday actions. Learn more about how you can be 1% better in the link below.


A collective of passionate artists that create art for online global auctions, donation 30% to the West Coast NGO Pacific Wild. It's been really rewarding and fun working with so many different artists to raise money for Coastal action projects. You can follow along and check out some of the beautiful art peices created @friendsofpacificwild

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Andrew Talbot (Tali) is based on the West Coast Vancouver Island, British Columbia for the warmer months where he works as a Visual Artist and Tree Planter. Drawing inspiration from a lifetime of coastal adventures, his art, music and woodworking is deeply rooted in the connection he shares with the ancient forests, ocean and mountains that surround his Pacific North-West home.


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