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"Open hearts and open roads, around each bend a new story unfolds.."

Baja Bound

"As days turn into months behind the wheel there's a deep peace that grows with the gentle humm, the constant focus, and the ever changing scenery."

A two month dream-trip down the empty coastlines of the Baja peninsula, weaving from Mexicali to the East Cape. It was late June when we decided to hit the inland border for some quiet off the beaten path exploring. The air temperatures were already hitting 45 Celsius when crossed over, and within an hour one of our tires exploded on the scorching pavement.. Bienvenidos a Mexico! I bought brand new tires and shocks and hit the highway east to the Sea of Cortez. The late season entry meant that we had the entire desert paradise to ourselves. Each day quickly melted into the next as we beach camped, surfed and spearfished our way down the hot dusty trail.

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