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A Time Machine Fueled by Tea

What is the most precious thing and the greatest gift you can give someone in this life? The answer is TIME because it's the one thing that you can never get back, and for the San Juan Islands Native Guisepi, this was a life changing realization. After years of feeling stuck, disconnected and lonely he bought a school bus and slowly began converting it into an off-grid, veggie powered home. Through transitioning to living a simpler life free from bills, fossil fuels and grocery bills he no longer needed to work long hours to support himself. He then needed to find a catalyst for connection, something, warm, comforting and inviting, and the answer was TEA. Like a campfire this hot beverage acts as a way to bring strangers together in a safe and enjoyable way.

"Time to pause, share a mug, sit back, enjoy the moment, and connect with humanity without expecting anything back in return."

With freedom to roam the continent freely Guisepi has dedicated the past 6 years to giving his presence, philosophy and time to thousands of individuals. Time to pause, share a mug, sit back, enjoy the moment, and connect with humanity without expecting anything back in return. When I met him for a weekend of mingling at Art Crawls and Flea Markets he had just given away a certificate for his 20,000 cup and travelled over 45,000 miles This legend of a man inspired me enormously through my whole project, calmed my fears regarding off grid/road living, and has inspired me and thousands of others to open up. the community he's created and the compassion, energy and love he emits is contagious :) He is currently busy incorporating his years of knowledge into a Tea Bus Factory Service Manual for road dwellers and DIY people interested in simple, sustainable, off grid lifestyles.

You can check out his website at: www.freeteaparty.org IG: @freeteaparty

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