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The Build

"Never focus on the dream itself, only on each small piece that will lead you closer."

This whole journey began when I bought a beat up 1990 Thomas short bus on Craigslist in Summer of 2017. Nursing a broken heart and itching to head south for some sun and surf, it soon became a five month labour of love that Winter. It also paved the way for an entirely different lifestyle, that helped me ground down and reconnect with the Earth, humanity and myself. Here's some photos of the conversion process, I did most of build myself using recycled and salvaged materials from around my home town on Vancouver Island. Instead of money, I traded my artwork and time with trades people where I could, and by the end put more than 1,200 hours into the project. My end goal was to create functional, interactive home/studio that embodies the flow and spirit of the Pacific North West.

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